The Steambox Reaches ''Closed'' Beta

The mysterious and elusive Steambox has been a buzz for quite some time.

It supposedly was the gaming PC which Valve was releasing to combat the new generation of consoles, the Xbox One and Ps4. Some people guessed (correctly) that it would run on a modified version of Linux. Now, Valve has released the Steambox for a select 300 lucky PC gamers to test and try out. One of these lucky persona is Youtube user Corey Nelson, who's (official) unboxing video you can watch here:

To complete the cake with a cherry on top, the Steambox is not only highly modifiable due to the Linux-based operating system, its also features upgradeable parts eg. take off the processor and add your own without damaging the machine. 
As this is a "closed beta" not much is known about the machine itself. As of date, no price has been listed, and the power of the PC is speculated to be superior to the new generation of consoles and with a price less than 1000$ (or your regional equivalent). Valve announced to reveal more information at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Added to this, its speculated that third-party Steamboxes will be revealed during the show.
The Steambox might be the (easy) answer for the PC gamers who cant assemble their own computer, or lack the information to do so. Only if Valve would announce Half Life 3 with the Steambox...