Thief - Prerelease Review part 2

If you read the first part of the review on Friday, you have  surely noticed that I really like the old Thief. But that's because I'm really into all old school, challenging games. I think that I should stop comparing modern games to games from the late 90s...

... but I won't! They are trying to restart the brand, not only create a game that shares the name with previus one. You need to feel the spirit of the game while playing. So I've restarted the game and hoped that I will feel like a 12-year-old again.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I've tried, one thing significantly differs from the earlier versions. The graphics. It differs from almost every game I've played lately. This game is beautiful. You can feel the darkness around you. NPC models are perfectly shaped and designed. The City is overwhelming with its naturalness. Just look at it:

Guards! Guards!

This is always a problem in stealth games. How to make guards realistic but not too smart? Square Enix managed to do that without the feeling that an ordinary solider has an IQ lower than ambient temperature. Yes, they are walking on predefined paths and sometimes can't feel that they lost several kilos of gold from their pockets, but they are aware of their surroundings and once they see something weird they won't pass it without concern.

As in all stealth games, detection will send nearby enemies into that annoying state of hyper-awareness and x-ray vision, and I had to endure a couple frustrating deaths as guards beelined straight for me regardless of how hidden I was. And that's good - you can't feel too confident in someone else's house with his wealth in your pocket.

I said it before - I was a little affraid of the new Thief. I was worried that it will be too easy and too linear. It isn't. On one hand, my your younger brother can play it on normal mode and be happy that his many mistakes were unnoticed by guards and he finished the game. On the other hand, you can change a few options in difficulty menu and Garrett will crush your balls in a clamp before you even finish fist chapter. I really can't wait for this game and I recommend it for everyone that wants to feel like 10-year-olds again.

Don't forget to preorder the game to be the first to play.