Kinguin PRO League Giveaway!

Sheathe your swords, draw your decks, and get ready for a Kinguin PRO League Giveaway!

The Kinguin PRO League 2015 has just begun and season 1 of the Hearthstone tournament is already underway! To celebrate, we have prepared Hearthstone card packs for 50 lucky winners!

The first round is officially behind us, but we still have 9 more amazing weeks of competition between the world’s top players! Two separate divisions: the Alliance and the Horde will continue to fight against each other every Tuesday and Thursday on Kinguin TV! 94 matches in total but only 1 winner!

Be sure to tune in to watch some of the Top players such as: Amaz, Firebat, Kolento, Lifecoach, Strifecro, Thijs and many more battle it out for the top prize.

The Kinguin PRO League 2015 is a Hearthstone league organized by Kinguin - a global marketplace for digital games. Our mission is simple: to offer you the best games at the lowest prices possible! But that’s not all: we simply love video games and this is what keeps us pumped. We are actively operating on the e-sports market, working with the best players and biggest teams, creating incredible events and bringing all the best into the world of gaming.

Kinguin Pro League Giveaway

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 11!

Good Luck!

For the Alliance! For the Horde!