Guess the IEM winner with Kinguin and Solomid!

Predict which team will win League of Legends IEM tournament in San Jose and win 30$ to spend on your favorite games on Kinguin!

This time on season 9 of IEM you will be able to see the following teams:

  • Team Solomid
  • Cloud9
  • Alliance
  • Unicorns of Love
  • paiN Gaming
  • Lyon Gaming

All those top teams are going to fight each other to win the title of  IEM San Jose champion and that's the perfect occasion for you to win 30$!

What do you have to do?

Just pick the team you think will win in San Jose IEM League of Legends tournament!

Follow Kinguin and Solomid on Twitter to make your chances higher!

If the team you have picked wins, you will take part in a draw, which will give you an opportunity to become one of the 3 lucky winners!

The Intel Extreme Masters are a product of the ESL. In 2006, when the Intel sponsored European tournament saw room for expansion outside of European, especially in North American markets, Intel provided funds for a worldwide tournament, billing it as the Intel Extreme Masters.

Starting in 2008, the Tournament was billed as being worldwide, boasting participants from Europe, North America, and Asia.

IEM Season IX - San Jose is the third event of IEM Season IX, organized by ESL and held at SAP Center. It marks the seventh IEM event in the United States of America since 2006. It is also the first IEM standalone event in North America.

Our dear partner - Team Solomid is one of the competing teams in the upcoming event! They are one of the most recognizable e-sport teams around the world, they unite such players as Trump, Dyrus, TheOddOne, Reginald or Bjergsen. Players from Team Solomid compete in League of Legends, Smite and Hearthstone and are among the best!

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Winners will be announced here on 8th of December, good luck!

Guess the IEM winner with Kinguin and Solomid!