G2esport and Kinguin Giveaway!

Together with G2esport we have prepared an amazing giveaway for you, wants you to win rare CS:GO items, and Paysafecard!

G2esports, one of the biggest and best online sports clubs out there, and the sponsor of award winning G2.Kinguin and Nihilum teams.

All you need to do is entering the giveaway below and answer three questions:

- Who will be the top fragger of the event?
- Who will be the best pistol player of the event?
- Which G2 player will pick up the most headshots?

Win awesome prizes:

Prize #1: 3 Skins + €10 paysafecard
Prize #2: 2 skin  + €10 paysafecard
Prize #3: 1 skin  + €10 paysafecard

G2esport and Kinguin Giveaway!

Kinguin is a company that strives to bring a high quality experience for all users. With a large variety of games, lots of resellers, it allows us to bring down the costs of games to make it more affordable for everyone. With a 24/7 Live chat customer support for all your needs, you can always be sure that we'll be looking after you! Don't forget, you can also sell your games too!

The giveaway starts on 20th of November ends on 22nd of November

Winners will be announced on 24th of November