enables Bitcoin payouts!

As of today, Kinguin allows merchants to withdraw their earnings
in Bitcoins!

Bitcoin has proven to be one of the most convenient payment methods in the world, attracting more and more people. The growing demand has inspired Kinguin to expand the payout methods offered to merchants.

The Bitcoin payout option allows Merchants to withdraw their funds smoothly and efficiently. Transferring funds to multiple international recipients in single payout batches reduces the cost and processing time of payout methods.

"We have noticed a demand from our merchants for paying out with Bitcoin.” said Faheem Bakshi, Kinguin's Vice President for Global Expansion. “Having the option to pay out with Bitcoins is a great opportunity to attract more merchants selling digital products on Kinguin. It allows users of Kinguin’s platform to buy and sell video games in even more new ways"

Since Kinguin partnered with BitPay in October 2015, Kinguin’s customers have been able to use Bitcoins to pay for purchases on The addition of Bitcoin resulted in a significant number of people choosing the digital currency as their main payment method. Bitcoin's popularity keeps on growing, and Bitcoin payouts are here to meet that new demand from users.

"Bitcoin gives online marketplace businesses a simpler, faster and less expensive way to pay their international sellers," said BitPay's EMEA General Manager Marcel Roelants. "Gaming marketplaces like Kinguin clearly show the advantages of Bitcoin payouts."

About is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world for digital games, with over 25,000 products available and more than 3 million satisfied customers. Kinguin provides a vast selection of Triple-A titles and in-game products like CS:GO skins.

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About BitPay

With over four years experience in handling Bitcoin payments, BitPay is the first and most experienced Bitcoin payment processor. BitPay allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments from customers while pricing their products and receiving bank deposit settlements in their local currency.

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