Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month

Battlefield 4 is one of the most played FPS games right now, however it has some problems at the lunch. Dice wants to thanks all players for their trust by giving them special bonuses and perks.

"Starting on Saturday, February 1, DICE is saying THANK YOU to all players by hosting a month filled with fun community missions and daily giveaways that you get just for jumping into a match." - With those words DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson announced a month of giveaways for all BF 4 players.

According to the Battlefield blog, starting from Saturday February 1st, we can expect special events like:
A Battlepack a Day: Every day that you log into Battlefield 4, you’re earn a free Bronze Battlepack; on Saturdays and Sundays, it’ll be a Silver Battlepack. Battlepacks contain bonuses such as XP Boosts and soldier camo
Shortcut Bundles: shortcut bundles as free downloads during the month of February. Standard players will be offered two bundles, which will unlock all handguns and grenade. Battlefield 4 Premium members, however, will then get two additional bundles, unlocking all DMRs and shotguns.
Double XP Weekend: All players will get to participate in one Double XP weekend, while Premium members will then get access to a second one at some point during the month.
Community Missions: Global DICE Community Missions where players can work together to earn gold Battlepacks. The first mission will task you with "grabbing a set number of dog tags during a specified time."
DICE Developer Talks: "Increased developer interaction and transparency on how we work is frequently requested from our fans," writes Troedsson. "During Player Appreciation Month, we will host a number of interviews with some of the core developers of Battlefield 4. In these interviews, you can ask them about their line of work, the effort they’ve put into Battlefield 4, or in the case of our core gameplay designer, what the balancing process of Battlefield 4 looks like".

DICE will reveal more about Battlefield 4's player appreciation month in the coming weeks, including details on double XP weekends and more community missions.

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Source: Battlefield Official Blog