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Kingolds - How to get more

Earn Kingolds, Spend Kingolds!

Kinguin is about fun & rewards. We love the fact that you are here. We want your experience to be fun & pleasant. Do you like a product? Kinguin gives you Kingolds for it! Sharing a page with your friends? You get extra Kingolds. Have you bought something here? Of course you have Kingolds too. A lot of them!

Gathered Kingolds can be spent anytime with no limitations. You can choose how many Kingolds to spend and when to do it.

Remember you must be logged in to collect Kingolds!

How much Kingold is worth?

Every 1000 gathered you get 1 EUR discount on your next order!

Rule of receiving Kingolds

+100this is the amount you get for registration through facebook
+10for each 1€ spend on stuff

You can also buy Kingolds

1000for each 1€
to buy Kingolds go to the Genres / Kingolds, use Search, or simply click here

Any questions? Here are the answers:

Q: Can I transfer my Kingolds points from/to Kinguin seller shops?

Kinguin is a closed ecosystem as such it does not support any transfer of your Kingolds to outside systems. Or from other shops to Kinguin.

Q: Can I use Kingolds along with other payment options?

Yes. You may combine your Kingolds with any of the payment methods such PayPal or other.

Q: When are Kingolds added to my account?

First you need to make sure you are logged in. Secondly some actions - such as a purchase - need to be verified by an admin. After successful verification the Kingolds are added to your account.

Q:Other questions?

Send us an email with your question, Ask the staff through live chat or Ask us through Facebook.

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If you change the country of residence the retail price will include the tax applicable for that country, or no tax if outside of the EU
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