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Buy Fortnite coaching - one 1h-long lesson with Miltis

Buy Fortnite coaching - one 1h-long lesson with Miltis

This coaching is restricted to Europe.
Make sure to schedule your coaching session at least 24h in advance.
Requires the base game Fortnite on Steam in order to play. Base game is free to play.
Make sure to provide a video of your gameplay to the coach (MP4 format is preferable).

Includes one 1h-long lesson with a coach. This coach is NOT available on Mondays and Saturdays.

Hello everyone! My name is Christos Miltiadous, known as Miltis and I’m a professional Fortnite player ranked 2nd in my country. I’m a member of Refuse e-sports and I’m 24 years old.

I always liked playing video games. Specifically at the age of 13 I started playing COD 4. I’ve been playing Fortnite since the day it was released and I've gotten really good at it. That’s why I decided to start live streaming – mostly to entertain and to help others improve their skills. Watching live stream helps you get experience and become a better player yourself.

As your Coaching leader, I will teach you everything about Fortnite. I will show you all the little tricks you need to know, and tutor you towards the win. Gaming is mostly about having fun and enjoying the time you play. This is my philosophy when playing and this is the spirit I will try to transmit to you!

Coaching plan

  • Theoretical part: Analysing the gameplay video provided by the student with empasis on game planning, decision making, tricks that can be used by the player. Discussing important aspects of a good & solid Fortnite player: Positioning, Looting, Aiming, Awareness.
  • Practical part: You will play 1-2 full matches with your coach who will be providing advice.
  • Final part: Analysis of the mistakes made during the coaching. Recommendation of practice patterns that fit the student’s overall playstyle and setting goal-oriented timeframe for overall improvement.
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