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Buy 12 orbits Steam CD Key

Buy 12 orbits Steam CD Key

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Release date: 24/10/2016

12 orbits is the only local multiplayer game for 2-12 people at once, no matter what you play on. If you can read this, be it on a PC, a laptop or even a tablet, you probably have everything you need. Additional controllers are supported, but not required unless you prefer to have a little more elbow room.

The game can be set up in seconds, even for 12 players at once. Rounds take about 5 minutes each. 12 orbits is friendly, competitive and a little chaotic. It is simple enough to quickly teach a group how to play it, but varied and deep enough to keep them entertained for a long time.

You can choose from 4 game modes, two of them for teams, with each one focused on a different playstyle. All of them adjust to any number of players from 2 - 12, so you can start small and add players as they come along.


    Competitive local multiplayer for everyone at once. Anywhere. On anything.

    4 vastly different game modes to choose from

    Setup takes seconds, even for 12 players at once

    The basic mechanics are simple and can be taught to a group quickly

    ...yet they provide you with a lot of room for mastery and competition

    One Switch accessible

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