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Acheter Super Blue Fighter Steam CD Key

Acheter Super Blue Fighter Steam CD Key

Region Free
Peut être activé dans - États-Unis
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Humans are in danger. Artificial Intelligence controls planet Earth and robots enslave humans. Super Blue Fighters (military ellite division) have been sent to detroy the evil forces and make the planet a safe place again
The game
The mechanic is simple. Hit the green or red enemies when their color matches the stars color
Get combos using the bombs and special items to get more score.
You can slow down the time to move precisely and dodge enemies and shot, but be careful with the round time counter. You will lose if it goes to 0.
You will meet a lot of different enemies, not only the red/green ones. Each one has its own shotting and movemenet mechanic
Some of them will make the round time counter move faster, and some others will change the robots color....
Destroy all of them mercyless
Who will be the number one?
Play with players from all the world and become the best Super Blue Fighter player.
Play solo or with your friend.
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