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Bvckup 2 Personal Key

Bvckup 2 Personal Key
Region free
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  • Description
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Special license for individuals using software on their personal computers to manage their personal data for non-commercial purposes only.

Simple fast backup

Select a pair of folders and Bvckup 2 will make sure that one stays an exact copy of the other. It is light, uncomplicated and really well designed. It is also incredibly fast.

What's different

Complete backups faster
The app is very fast at bulk copying and it is even faster at updating.
Extensively optimized across the board Bvckup 2 goes out of its way to process every backup as quickly as possible.

It does just one simple thing...
The app does not compress, encrypt or FTP files. It's not a two-way sync nor does it come with a restore function.
It does just one thing - it mirrors A to B.

...and it does it really well
It's better to excel at one thing than to be average in many.
From the nuanced user interface to the high-performance core, the app is built to always favor quality over quantity.


Features at a glance

  • Real-time backups
    Continuously monitor for changes and back them up as soon as they happen.
  • Scheduled and manual
    Run backups at fixed time intervals or only when started manually.


  • Asynchronous I/O
    Eliminate idling during data transfers by having multiple read and write requests running in parallel.
  • Delta copying
    Reduce the amount of data being moved around by copying modified parts of files only. This speeds things up, in many cases dramatically.
  • Multi-core processing
    Speed things up by running computationally intensive tasks such as data hashing on all CPU cores, but scale back when computer is under load.
  • Move/rename detection
    Detect files and folders being moved at source and replicate this as a single quick operation on the backup side.
  • Destination snapshots
    Avoid re-scanning backup location on every run by scanning it once and saving its file index locally.


  • Device tracking
    Pin a backup to a specific removable device so that it will be run only when this device is present.
  • Backup of locked files
    Use Windows shadow copying to backup files that are locked for exclusive use by running programs such as web browsers or email clients.
  • System service mode
    Switch program to run as a system service to allow backups to continue running even when there's no one logged in.
  • Archiving of deleted items
    Move backup copies of deleted items into a special archive directory and delete them from there after a grace period.


  • Very large backups
    Bvckup 2 has been tested with multi-million item backups and, while they naturally require more memory for processing, they can still be handled with ease.
  • Concurrent or serialized
    The app can run backups one by one, forming a queue, or it can run them as soon as they are due, all at once. And, of course, a backup may also be started manually at any time.
  • Backup planner
    When running a backup, Bvckup 2 always compiles a formal backup plan that can be inspected without being executed if a "dry run" is required.
  • Native 64-bit support
    Installation package includes both 32- and 64-bit versions of the program, selecting an appropriate one to install automatically.
  • Minimal dependencies
    The app works with low-level Windows API and has no dependencies on WMI, COM or system services outside of shadow copying. It also stores all its configuration on disk, in a single directory.
  • Software update reminders
    In addition to being able to check for updates automatically, Bvckup 2 has an option to remind you to check for updates by hand.
  • Maintenance releases
  • Volume discounts
  • Email support
  • Excluding technical support for advanced features meant primarily for professional use (features themselves are included).                    






PC System Requirements :Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008

Comment activer ce produit?

Install & Activation Guide

Step 1
Download Bvckup2 ; from Pipemetrics SA

Step 2
Install Bvckup2 & Run Bvckup2

Step 3
Click on "License this copy" on the right side or under "Help" on left side

Step 4
Paste in license code on "2. Enter your license activation code and click

Step 5
Activate license

Unable to activate even after following the steps above?

Report a problem!

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