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Star Wars Battlefront is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and perhaps even of the decade. It's the game Star Wars fans have been dreaming about since the first time saw the epic Hoth battle. Fight on foot and in diverse vehicles on four different planets, take part in lightning fast spaceship skirmishes, choose between first- and third-person gameplay. Enjoy the most beautiful and fulfilling Star Wars experience ever.


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Team Granted takes e-sport to the next level

Granted is an e-sports organisation that brings together teams and individual talents and allows them to take part in tournaments world wide. While doing it, Granted acts as its own marketing agency, developing carefully thought-out marketing strategies to promote its teams, players and sponsors.

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The giveaway starts on 4th of November  ends on 11th November Winners will be announced on 12th November

To collect your prize please contact us on within 7 days from announcing the winner!