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Buy Premium Random Steam CD Key

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METACRITIC SCORE 70 AND UP - we give you only good games!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you already own the game, you can return it.

Premium Random Steam Key - it's something for anyone who likes surprises and good games. Why? Because we guarantee that the game you purchase with Premium Random Steam Key will be at least of a score of 70 on Metacritic and if the title does not have metascore, it will have 70% or more positive overall reviews on Steam!

But that's not all - we know you love cheap games and we are here to deliver. Prices of Premium Random Steam games start at €8.99 (Steam sales are not considered) and if you already have the game in your Library, you will be able to return the Premium Random Steam Key to the shop and get your money back for the game in question.

System Requirements

Every game has different requirements!

Product Rating
Its fun because you dont know what you get and its cheap to buy
Pretty cool little gimmick. I actually managed to get a $30 game out of this key, but that doesn't necessarily mean your mileage will be the same. It's gambling, but it's definitely cheap, so it's really your call on whether or not to give this a spin.
a little better than the 5 keys
quien no arriesga no gana!
well its worth your money but dont bring your hope to you are gonna get AAA GAME, you are gonna get something around 5-10USD and you are not gonna play it but if you wanna test your luck go for it