New giveaway with TheSkitzMachine!

FeelsBadMan if you play CS:GO and haven’t watched any videos by TheSkitzMachine. He tries lots of different things in the game and plays with a variety of people. Videos on his channel are always cleanly edited and full of funny commentary from Skitz and his friends. Having fun with friends while playing CS:GO is the dream. See how it’s done in TheSkitzMachine’s videos!

Kinguin is proud to support TheSkitzMachine and his epic youtube videos. This giveaway is for him! We’re offering a DESERT EAGLE | BLAZE (FACTORY NEW) for all you CS:GO fans. Enter the contest by following TheSkitzMachine and Kinguin on social media, then use the app below. Get great videos and maybe you’ll win a skin. It’s win-win!

TheskitzMachine & Kinguin January giveaway