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What is a Pre-Paid Card ?

Pre paid cards are used to extend your possibility to play certain game. Many modern MMO's do not use paid subscriptions anymore. The procedure is very simple: you purchase a pre paid card, enter the unique code to a secial form and it extends your gametime. It is a solution for people who do not have credit card or any other way of paying for theirs subscriptions online. The most popular MMO's today use paid subscriptions model. 

Most popular games that use game cards:

1.  World of Warcraft 
2.  Tera Online 
3.  Guild Wars 2 


How do I get a game / pre paid card ?

It's very simple. You can simply go to, find the game you are looking for and buy it, using desired payment method. You will not receive a box with a cd/dvd disc but an original, scanned cd key that you can redeem on your game account. How to do it? Read more!
Remember: You can download pc games only! 


If you have any problems regarding key activation or game download please contact our Live Support.
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