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Academy Hacker Curious Coder Online Course Bundle Code

Academy Hacker Curious Coder Online Course Bundle Code
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The national average salary for IT jobs is about $81,000 (more than double the national average for all jobs), and the field is set to expand by 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than most other occupations. If you are looking for a steady well-paying "blue-collar" job over the next 10 years, software development is for you. Software development and IT professionals are the "blue-collar" workers for the future.

The Curious Coder Bundle is lifetime access to all content and courses.

The bundle contains 33 courses and has over 200 hours of content. The courses included in the bundle are:

  • Introduction to Programming - A Comprehensive Introduction to Web and Mobile Development
  • Design for Coders - Improve the look and effectiveness of your websites and mobile apps by learning the rules of design
  • HTML5 Specialist Designation - Earn a professional credential while learning HTML5
  • CSS Specialist Designation - Learn CSS3 and Earn a Recognized Designation!
  • HTML5 for Beginning Beginners - Start course for those who have never written a line of code before
  • Javascript for Beginners - Learn Javascript and supercharge your web design with this Javascript for beginners training course
  • HTML and CSS for Beginners - Learn HTML and CSS from Mark Lassoff - no experience required. 
  • Joomla for Beginners - Managing Your Web Presence with Joomla Made Easy!
  • C++ for Beginners - Create Code That Screams with C++! Hours of Video Lecture, Lab Exercises and Dozens of Code Samples for You To Use!
  • Ruby on Rails for Beginners - Learn To Integrate Front End and Back End Development with the Ruby Programming Language and Rails Framework
  • .Net for Beginners - Learn the Foundations of Enterprise Development for Windows
  • GitHub Fundamentals - Learn Versioning and to Manage Your Code with GitHub
  • Ajax Development - Create Elegant, Powerful Web and Mobile Applications Using AJAX.
  • SQL Database for Beginners - Master SQL Database Creation and Development with Guru Martin Holzke.
  • jQuery for Beginners - jQuery is Javascript made Easy!
  • Develop Your First App in an Hour - Introduction to Development
  • Java Programming for Beginners - Learn the Fundamentals of Programming with Java. Start Coding Like The Pros.
  • Node.js for Beginners - Create Fast, Scalable Network Applications with Familiar Javascript Code
  • CSS Development with CSS3 - Create Flexible, Interesting, and Usable Designs for Desktop & Mobile Websites.
  • Introduction to Web Development - Are you Interested in Learning Web Development? Enroll in this course for a Dynamic Intro!
  • Javascript Crash Course - Get started with Javascript Development in Just a Few Hours.
  • Mobile App Development with PhoneGap - Learn how to develop complete mobile applications using HTML5, Javascript and CSS.
  • Bootstrap Responsive Design - Learn how to create a responsive web design.
  • PHP Specialist - Earn a professional credential while learning back-end coding with PHP and mySQL
  • Dissecting Ruby on Rails 5 - Become a Professional Developer - Don't simply follow a tutorial, learn what it really takes to become a pro Rails developer with this immersive course.
  • Vim for Ruby Developers - Learn how to automate your coding workflow and use a text editor like a professional Ruby developer.
  • Angular 2 + Rails 5 Bootcamp - Learn how to build a real world Angular 2 application that utilizes multiple Ruby on Rails apps for backend data APIs.
  • Freelance Bootcamp - The Comprehensive Guide to Freelancing - Learn how to build a profitable freelance business completely from scratch and gain the tools needed to succeed.
  • Introduction to TypeScript Development - Get ready to build Angular 2 web and mobile applications by learning the TypeScript programming language.
  • HTML/CSS Bootcamp - Learn HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch, starting with the basics and finishing by building five projects from scratch.
  • Professional Rails Code Along - Develop a real world Rails project using TDD/BDD, including a step by step guide to building professional applications.
  • Comprehensive Ruby Programming - Learn how to program in the Ruby programming language, starting from scratch and moving to advanced coding techniques.
  • Ruby on Rails Foundations - An in depth tutorial for learning the Ruby on Rails web framework, from basic principles to advanced coding techniques.
  • Comprehensive JavaScript Programming - This comprehensive JavaScript programming course will teach you how to develop JavaScript applications in around 2 hours

The content is taught by 2 main instructors: Jordan Hudgens and LearnToProgram.

Jordan Hudgens is the CTO and Founder of DevCamp where he leads instruction and curriculum development for all of the DevCamp and Bottega code schools around the US.

LearnToProgram Media is a leading publisher of web, mobile, and game development courses that are used by over 500,000 people in 65 countries.

All courses are redeemed on Academy Hacker an elearning course marketplace for hackers, developers, cyber security pros, and tech nerds.


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  3. Create your Academy Hacker account with your name and email
  4. Access your course bundle for $0 and receive lifetime access to the content

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