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Buy Spellweaver - Vampire Overlord Deck DLC Steam CD Key

Buy Spellweaver - Vampire Overlord Deck DLC Steam CD Key

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Spellweaver - Vampire Overlord Deck DLC Steam CD Key

Platform:   Steam Release Date:   14/05/2016

Product Description

Requires the free-to-play base game Spellweaver on Steam in order to use.

“She came with the fall of night. Her army of vampires, assassins and ruthless mercenaries quickly surrounded us. I gathered my troops and told them to stick together. Then suddenly a massive sphere of dark energy appeared and exploded right in the middle of our party. My men were lying immobilized on the ground. The very few of them that survived the blast started fighting against each other, slaying their brothers in a sudden flash of madness. When I saw the vampires feeding on the fresh of the dead, I knew it was all over. We could do nothing…”


One preconstructed deck - Vampire Overlord (1 hero + 60 cards)


Use your solid defensive cards to establish a board presence early on with this deck. Once you have done so play Vampirism and use your hero skill to completely dominate the game. If your opponent still resists and somehow manages to take control, cast the powerful Cataclysm card to reset the board.



  • Despina, Dominion Overlord


  • 4 x Spoiled Aristocrat
  • 4 x Shadowstep Assassin
  • 2 x Silverblade Warrior
  • 4 x Bloodseeking Mutant
  • 4 x Forcemage Protector
  • 4 x Library Guards


  • 4 x Mind Extortion
  • 3 x Assassinate
  • 2 x Cataclysm
  • 3 x Vampirism


  • 4 x Metabolic Overcharger
  • 2 x Helm of Dominion


  • 9 x Wisdom Shrine
  • 11 x Dominion Shrine

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Memory: 1 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any 256MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
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