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Release date: 23/08/2013

Electronic Super Joy is a brutally hard platformer set in a world of pulse-pounding electronic music. Run, jump, smash & fly your way through 45+ weird & different levels, with low-gravity, world rotation, giant monsters & swarming missiles. 

  • Described as "The Unholy merging of Super Meat Boy & Super Hexagon!" 
  • Hailed as "Horrifically beautiful level design [...] Makes me want to throw my computer out the window!" 
  • Quoted as being "Mostly about Butts!" 
  • "...pure platforming experience that plays with a lot of fresh ideas" - Droqen, Starseed Pilgrim

The Evil Groove-Wizard rules the world with an iron fist. 
Pope Theo, Archbishop of the Church of Righteous Soul has excommunicated him... but then went mysteriously silent! 
Captain Lewis, of the 43rd Queen's Disco Troop, has vowed to resist his tyrannical rule! 
...And he stole Little Anni McGee's teddy bear! 
Can you defeat the Groove-Wizard and end his Tyranny? Can you be a hero?


  • Play through 45+ pulse-pounding levels! 
  • Groove to over 35 tracks of electronic music! 
  • Jump, Smash, Fly, and Dance across 3 brutal worlds! 
  • 8+ hours of gameplay! 
  • 3 HUGE Boss fights! 
  • Far too many bad puns!
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