Team SoloMid getaway to giveaway!

Grand Theft Auto V is right around the corner! Would you like to play it for free? Don’t wait and join our giveaway with TSM!


One of the best games of this generation will be out in just few days. Set out on a journey to Los Santos and join Michael, Francis and Trevor as they settle their scores with the world and take what is rightfully… someone else’s! Rob, steal and drive like a maniac in the best experience  the Grand Theft Auto series has to offer.

Join Team SoloMid in an amazing giveaway allowing you to win one of five copies of the newest addition to Grand Theft Auto series, which is finally coming to PC! All you need to enter giveaway below and follow Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube profiles! The more entries you do, the higher chances you get!

Team SoloMid getaway to giveaway!

The winners will be announced on April 14th. To collect your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners!.

Good Luck!