Kinguin Retro Gaming I

There is a lot of games that can be included in this article. Starting form first games such as Pong, or addictive Mario series, or Half Life. But everyone know these games. We know Pokemon Red world map better than own city, planted more bombs on de_dust than Al Qaeda ever made, and killed more aliens in Space Invaders than Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day.

That's why I've decided that first game to be reviewed is... Turok:Dinosaur Hunter. Why this game? Because this is first game I've had on my first gaming PC... and I hate dinosaurs:)

Firstly some facts - this game was originally developed for Nintendo 64 in '97 and after 9 months PC version was released. Turok is an adaptation of the Acclaim Comics comic book series of the same name. The player controls Turok (son of the rock) - native American warrior - who must stop evil - Campaigner - from conquering the universe. Easy.

Turok combined FPS elements from Doom with exploration mechanics of Tomb Raider and done it well. Levels were quite large (and there was seven of them plus one smaller central hub level which contained portals to other stages), mostly jungle-based and fulfilled with enemies and obstacles.

Game engine is amazing and generates pleasant for the eyes graphics. If you would try it now you would have to get used to the distance fog that limits visibility to a small radius around the player but that gives some sort of horror-survival experience, when this barely visible object becomes a charging velociraptor.

Main objective of the game is to find eight pieces of mysterious weapon called The Chronoscepter. This gun is so powerfull that owner can rule the universe. But seriously - why they always split the "ultimate weapon" in 3/8/10 pieces and "hide" them somewhere where everyone could enter? Wouldn't be better to crash it into dust, throw it into the Volcano in Mordor and nuke the place just for sure? Or maybe just hire a small army to guard it, not only one man with a knife!

Well not only the knife to be precise - in game you have full range of weapons - pistol, shotguns, machine guns, bow with expoding arrows, plasma cannons and nuke blasters - but all of them with limited ammo and if you use it - you are on your own with the knife on the gun fight. You can restock ammunition by killing enemies but it vanished really fast so better do it in close combat.

At the beginning you have 100HP and your health doesn't auto regenerate as in modern games so you have to be careful. Next cool thing is that you may gain health points by shooting deer or other non-threatening wildlife so no need to seek hidden medkits. Also you can pick up some powerups like armor to increase HP above full.

Ok, so we have weapons and armor, but what about enemies? There are. A lot! Firstly - dinosaurs. There is a lot of species that tries to kill you.

Starting from Raptors,


Bio Raptors with guns,

Triceratops (sometimes armed),


and Thunder - armed bio-T-rex with laser eye, flamethrower and rocket luncher. Also his steps cause earthquakes and one bite can split you in the half. Typical pet.

You will be also facing Aliens, Cyborgs, Daemons, Man-Eating Plants and all other creatures from your worst nightmares. Pure fun.

Summing up - if you ever dreamed about killing dinosaurs but their extinsion foiled your plans this game is for you.

In next episode I will review adventures of this little crocodile. Do you remember his name? Share in comments.