Let’s kick it - Kinguin Paper Soccer Cup begins!

Join it! €400 in total to spend on Kinguin and 20 copies of FIFA 16 to win! 

We can bet that each of you has played it at least once! Paper Soccer is a game popular among kids, students and bored employees. No wonder, it’s very easy to manage - all you need is a sheet of paper, pen and a pinch of logic and there you go - pure fun!

However, we’ve decided to take it to the next level: we got rid of pen and paper, and have created Kinguin Paper Soccer Cup, an online, multiplayer game in which you can face basically anyone from everywhere… yep Internet is magic!

Kinguin Arena is waiting for all soccer fans! So wherever you are... move that mouse, make some dribble and get your kicks from this exciting competition!

The top 50 players will receive prizes!
20 copies of FIFA 16 and 30 vouchers worth €10 each to spend on Kinguin.net - awaits. The best result will be awarded with FIFA 16 and...100€ Kinguin voucher!

Did you hear that whistle? Get going! Click the banner below to start enter Kinguin Cup!

All you need to do is go to this page and log in, manually or using your Facebook account. Wait for a player to appear and let the match begin.

You know the rules - just kick the ball into opponent’s goal!

The competition starts on 18th September and ends on 27th September.

Break a leg... or in this case a finger!