Miss the days of simplicity and pure fun? Then BRAWL is a game made just for you!

BRAWL is, to put it simply, a multiplayer arena blow'em-up. Bloober Team’s game has five cool modes of play, a surprisingly rich backstory and a sprinkle of weirdness to it that makes it all even more interesting.



Saying #BRAWL is like #Bomberman is like saying McLaren P1 is basically Ford T because both have four wheels.


The rules are simple: you enter a maze with other contestants and bomb the hell out of each other. What makes us love the game is the fact that it's much more tactical than it looks. It's a fast paced arcade action brawler, but with a set of unique characters.

Their differing abilities make the game easy to learn and hard to master. As the result, the game can be simple and quick or deeply tactical - if you take some time to understand and master its handling.


#BRAWL devs: we’re exploring the #esports scene. Maybe next year you’ll be able to play BRAWL during some events.                                    


So, how did BRAWL come to life, what will the game do to keep us interested, and what can we expect next? We asked Bloober Team, a young Polish studio with a couple of fun games under its belt, who brought us this little gem of a game.

KINGUIN: Brawl is a title that takes Bomberman's basic idea and changes it to fit modern standards of gaming. In its core it's a very simple game. Why did you think making it would be a good idea in the time of complex RPGs and deep tactical shooters?

BLOOBER TEAM: We grew up playing arcade games. With each passing year those games were evolving, expanding, changing to new forms; we just miss the days of simplicity and pure, easy fun. However, we didn’t fall into the retro trap – we have expanded old ideas to more modern forms including graphics and most notably gameplay mechanics.

On one hand we have (unfortunately, long forgotten) couch multiplayer, but on the other we have implemented skill based characters. There is a simple Bomberman formula, but there are different modes of gameplay. There is a certain nostalgia for the old days that too often has been downgraded to simple 8bit platformers that literally take you to NES times without taking into consideration that people nowadays expect a bit more from contemporary games.

We wanted to make a game that would remind people of their childhood, while giving them an up-to-date product.



K: Did you make the game you yourselves would like to play, or the game for the general audience?

BT: For a time now we have been observing the painful death of playing in one room with your friends. There are only a handful ‘party’ games that very rarely make their way to the PC. We wanted to make a game that would bring back the good old days, where you could literally interact with the people with whom you are playing – punch them in the arm for winning a match and get laughed off for loosing.

However, it’s not that we don’t appreciate what the Internet has given the gaming community. We of course have an online mode, leaderboards and a mechanic that’s e-sport friendly. So in a way we have made a game for our generation – people who grew up playing Bomberman, but also for the younger gamers who have never witnessed ‘couch multiplayer’ and missed out on one of the most fun ways to enjoy a game.

K: We can't ignore the issue of the initial release of Basement Crawl [the previous, flawed incarnation of BRAWL]. It had its share of problems, which you got rid of by redesigning many elements of the game - which is very commendable. Did you see those problems before release, but couldn't fix them for some reason, or were you unaware of them?

BT: A lot of criticism came from the initial problems with online play, which was not entirely our fault. Also the game felt too oldschool for contemporary gamers. We have learned on this lesson and decided to build upon those experiences.

We have remodelled the mechanics to make the game more competitive, we have reimagined the visuals and put more focus on Online modes. We have basically made a new game based on Basement Crawl. We knew that this formula had potential - that’s why we took all that effort to remedy our mistakes. We have given away BRAWL for free to people who bought Basement Crawl as a way of saying sorry.

In the long run it all payed off – the game has received far better reviews and the community surrounding the game still grows.


K: In case of a multiplayer game it's important to keep players interested for a long time. What did, and what will you do to achieve this goal? Isl the game going to change significantly over time?

BT: We have a vision on how to expand the game, but for now we want to see how well the game will be received by the community. In the end we’re doing this for the gamers, if they find our ideas fun and engaging we will be more than happy to provide future content.

We are also exploring the e-sports scene. Who knows, maybe next year you will be able to play BRAWL during some events.

K: What will we see next? Tell us something about your new projects.

BT: We’re expanding our gaming portfolio for now. If you have seen BRAWL than you probably took notice of its horror theme. It’s a genre very close to us, which is why we have been developing Layers of Fear alongside our arcade arena game.

However, we have people working on BRAWL constantly and designing ways to expand the game. A future DLC is possible, but only if it’s the wish of players enjoying BRAWL.

* * *

BRAWL is not only well-made, but also made by people who honestly care for the final product. In our opinion it's a game to recommend.


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