Meet horror, comedy and challenge in Halloween Indie Valley Bundle

For Halloween has prepared the Halloween Indie Valley Bundle - a low-priced set of exceptional independent games with dark atmosphere and lots of humor.

The bundle contains three titles:

Beat the Game - a mix of an adventure game and a music game, with the art style similar to Tim Burton's animated films. Try to find a way out of a mysterious, unreal world, by finding new sounds and discovering new melodic lines. It's a surreal, fascinating and immensely fun experience.

Hero Defense - steampunk meets horror and comedy. Five heroes are challenged to stop the hordes of monsters brought to our world by Count Necrosis. Hero Defense is an addictive game with fine-tuned mechanics borrowed from tower defense, RPG and action genres. Served with stylish graphics and gothic atmosphere.

Hero Siege - a complex and demanding action game with the elements of roguelike and RPG. Choose one of 14 character classes and develop your hero, while fighting monsters in randomly generated dungeons. It's a perfect example of a classic hack'n'slash - even better in online co-op mode for up to 4 players.

Halloween Indie Valley Bundle is a rich and varied set that provides hours and hours of fun for long cold evenings. The bundle is available on