Giveaway with Sodapoppin!

Sodapoppin’s first time with Kinguin! Ready for giveaway?

The first time is always awkward. Especially when you have to run from pack of zombies, who just can’t wait to taste you!

This week Sodapoppin gives you: Dying Light and 25 € to spend on Kinguin! 4 times each!

Become a fleekin parkour bauce! This immersive video game will show you what survival is all about! And it will be insane! Flesh-hungry enemies can’t wait for you to join the game! So don’t miss your chance to grab these goods, besides 4 copies of Dying Light there is some cash to spend on our website!

Where can you get it? Right here:

Sodapoppin and Kinguin giveaway!

Sodapoppin is a cute and  little loony young player, who loves to talk about his virginity! And his fans are loving that!

He has been streaming for four years. He started at Xfire, before he joined the twitch community. Currently he streams almost everyday at

If you are still wondering who is in charge for providing these awesome items, it’s us:

Kinguin is a global marketplace for digital games where you really have a great offering! We are a solution for gamers from all around the world who want to find their beloved games at the best prices possible!


Winners will be announced here on 2nd of February!

Stay tuned!