G2 esports / Skin Joker giveaway: win CS:GO items, Fifa 16, MGS5 and more!

One of the most influential e-sports teams - G2 esports, along with SkinJoker.com, wants you to win rare CS:GO items, games and money!

G2 esports, one of the biggest and best online sports clubs out there, and the sponsor of award winning G2.Kinguin and Nihilum teams, partners up with the newest CS:GO raffles website SkinJoker.com in a stunning giveaway.

Win awesome prizes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is more than a game. It's the father of e-sport; a worldwide phenomenon incomparable to anything else. Get a chance to win unique, rare and valuable in-game items.

Fifa 16 is the latest incarnation of the best soccer game series ever. Use new techniques to fully control the ball. Utilize advanced AI and be amazed by the teamwork of your players. Experience the thrill of soccer.

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain is the last chapter of the unique and wildly successful MGS series. Become the world's best special agent and see the genius of Hideo Kojima strike to its full potential.

Feel lucky today and enter the contest using the app below!

Gamers2 / Skin Joker giveaway: win CS:GO items, Fifa 16, MGS5 and more!



Winners have been picked! Please contact us via [email protected]!