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Kinguin Mafia Program is ideal for game, software, esport communities and websites. It is an easy way for making money by sharing a referral link to our website where the referrer receives compensation for each money transaction made through the link.

You can start making money with us within minutes. But first of all please read the following basic rules:

  1. 1. Basic commission offered is 5% of total paid sales for level 1 affiliates, 0.75% for level 2 affiliates and 0.25% for level 3 affiliates.
  2. 2. Minimal commission payments is 30 EUR. Payments are sent via PayPal. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, payment for the sale of a product will be forwarded to your Kinguin account balance after 7 days from the date of the transaction. Once money is available in your balance you can request a payout in the system. To do that simply go to My Balance → My Payouts and press the “Create Payout” button located on the right side of the screen.
  3. 3. When a customer comes through your website he is still yours for future purchases as well. Even if he does not buy at the first time he visits the website he is kept in record as "yours" for future purchases through cookies identification.
  4. 4. You need to register a regular customer account on Kinguin and in the account settings you will see the affiliate option.
    5. Forbidden practices: 
    5.1 Using "Kinguin" trademark name as a keyword in PPC campaigns 
    5.2 Using the Kinguin Mafia affiliate program simultaneously with other Kinguin affiliate programs. 
    5.3 Coupon Code Websites are not allowed to use standard 5% program and their affiliate plan will be changed to 3% without prior notice. 
  5. 6. Do not hesitate and contact our Customer Service  in case you have any questions, hesitations  or  marketing cooperation proposals.
  6. 7. Kinguin reserves the right to change those terms at any time.

That’s it! Now you can proceed and create your Affiliate Account!

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Si cambia el país de residencia del precio de venta incluirá el impuesto aplicable para ese país, o ningún impuesto si es fuera de la UE.
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