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Monster Hunter World - Iceborne DLC Steam CD Key

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Release date: 09/01/2020

Hunt in the frozen wilderness of Hoarfrost Reach, where life has adapted to the most extreme conditions. New, more powerful monsters await in a massive adventure that picks up right after the main story's conclusion.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne introduces a sprawling area with new base town, previously unseen monsters, new weapons, enhanced combat system, and a lenghty story campaign with Master rank quests for the most experienced hunters.


  • Enhanced Combat
    Master new moves and combos for all 14 weapon types. Grapple to monsters using the clutch claw to gain control over their movement. This is a powerful new ability in the hands of a skilled hunter, and it can entirely change the way you fight.
  • New Quest Difficulty
    Master rank quests will put you against even stronger enemies, but also reward you with new materials.
  • Feel the Cold
    From snowy mountainsides to rocky canyons and even hot springs, you'll often stop to admire the raw beauty of Hoarfrost Reach. Watch out! With snow impeding your movement and ground collapsing under your feet, you can never feel safe.
  • Dynamic Ecosystem
    Discover a vast unexplored area teeming with endemic life. Be warned: you are an intruder stepping between the wildlife stuck in a constant battle for territory and food.
  • Surprises Await
    It's also worth coming back to the places you know. Track new monsters in the base game, including fan favourites from other Monster Hunter titles!
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I love this!! Made a friend very happy today. They said they wherent sure if they would really get into it but since i have been playing it alot i went ahead to buy it for them with the hopes of them enjoying it more if they dont play it alone! and we are very happy.
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As someone who thoroughly enjoys FPS action RPG looter shooters I wholeheartedly recommend getting stuck into Monster Hunter World. This epic adventure immerses you in an expansive breathtaking world brimming with ferocious monsters ripe for hunting as well as treasure waiting to be plundered! The combat system delivers gratifying gameplay teeming with diverse weapon selections coupled with playstyle options that cater to individual preferences . Further still the crafting mechanics provide ample opportunity for players to fashion their weapons or armor utilising raw materials extracted from vanquished foes . To top it off the visuals alone are stunning by any standard while its sound design is superbly executed across all facets . Without a doubt Monster Hunter World is an exceptional game that fans of action RPGs or looter shooters won't want to miss.
Automatic translation
mfs faster than lightning. receive key within a minutes! cant wait to play with my friend ! thank you so much! -dimsempai
Automatic translation
I was hyped after reading all the reports. Because of that, i bought the game, when i saw it here for a decent price. But what did i have to discover? Its a game for children. You create your character, are thrown into the game and are greeted by some girl, which would work with some teenage boy. For me, it was rather: "can i throw her to some monster for bait?". I really tried to get some fun out of it. But every part of the game screems "I am underage!". I felt like being a member of some college class. Not like an member of a working society. I rather go back to some doom (2000) or anything with a bit more gore.
Automatic translation
Basically, the extension is good. Two new areas, many new variations of existing monsters and new ones too. BUT A VERY BIG BUT. The further you get, the more you have to use ranged weapons because many of the strong monsters are just running wild. Of course you can use traps, but you can only have 2 of them at a time. And of course the monsters are less susceptible to it. Blitz ammunition only works to a limited extent and you need more than one shot to get the flying monsters out of the sky. (But you can only take 3 standard items with you.) In other words, you often have to go back to the camp. Or you have a ranged weapon that doesn't matter how much the monster runs around with. And it really can't be. So this needs to be adjusted. A lot of the DLC is done really well but that's just a fail. And the further you go, the more annoying it gets. Apart from the fact that you managed to save the game with the update. Thanks for that by the way.