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Release date: 16/05/2024

Do you have a sense of rhythm?

If so, great, because in this game, the most important thing is shooting to the beat of techno music! Robobeat is a title that will strongly influence your musical interests, but not only that, also your shooting skills. This isn't just another shooter; it's a game that will give you not only a lot of good humor but also great sound!

Show Must Go On!

The game tells the story of bounty hunter Ace, who is on the trail of the robot Frazzer. The antagonist is a character whose charisma will keep you entertained. This showman not only provides unusual experiences but also challenges, as before we reach a direct confrontation with him, we must face the trials awaiting us in his mansion. A really intense party is coming up! Do you want to join? You don't need an invitation, just this game in your Steam library. Get your PC ready for an exhilarating experience. Thanks to Kinguin, take advantage of great prices and pay in the way that's most convenient for you!

Fast & Furious?

Robobeat is an incredibly dynamic game that promises highly effective combat against enemies, all to the beat of techno music in a never-ending party. Over time, this party becomes increasingly unusual. If you've been to college, it might remind you of dorm life. We mentioned having a sense of rhythm earlier. In this game, you have to keep moving constantly, and it all has to be in time with the music. Your enemies are just as well-armed as you are. So, learn new moves to earn more points and, of course, to survive and progress closer to the robot Frazzer. Jump off walls and don't worry about the paint! This isn't your party!

Choose your weapon

At this party, you can find many surprising elements, but what will likely surprise everyone is the fact that weaponry matters. Our hero, Ace, can wield axes, swords, not only melee weapons, but also revolvers, shotguns, crossbows, and even machine guns. Simon Fredholm also incorporated RPG elements, which involve upgrading your arsenal. Over time, we'll be able to utilize fiery bombs, for example.

Is it already a mass party?

In Robobeat, we fight in various locations, all procedurally generated. Everything is tightly integrated with the musical atmosphere, so you could say that the music determines where we'll be battling. There are plenty of enemies in each location, armed with swords or machine guns. Therefore, we kindly inform you that the battles will be truly epic! If your setup is equipped with RGB lights, get ready for a truly special party!

Unlock your sound

With each subsequent playthrough, we have the chance to unlock additional music tracks. The game allows you to initiate battles with your favorite songs. Interestingly, the creator also came up with the idea of allowing players to add their own music to the game. But that's not all, as the game will completely adapt to the selected track, giving us a really cool title that we can personally customize musically!


When Will Robbobeat Be Released?

The game’s release date is set for May 16th, 2024.

Which Platforms Fabledom Will be Available on?

Robbobeat is currently available exclusively on PC.

Is the game multiplayer?

The game is exclusively designed for single-player mode.

Do I Have to Play any other games to understand the Story?

No, the game introduces you to the entire story from the beginning.

Is the game available in my native language?

Robbobeat is available in many languages: English, French, Spanish - Spain, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian and Portuguese - Brazil. 

What games does Robbobeat resemble? 

Robbobeat is similar to games such as Metal : Hellsinger, BPM: Bullets Per Minute, Ziggurat and Neon White. 

Should you play Robobeat with good headphones?

Definitely yes. Robobeat is based on music, and it's in its rhythm that we must move our character. The game has a wide music library, but we can also add our own tracks. It's worth playing Robobeat with good headphones because it will significantly enhance the experience. There are also people who have Hi-Fi systems connected to their PCs. These will also work great for this game.

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