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Guild Wars 2 game key

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One of the greatest adventure of your live is about to begin!

Guild Wars 2 is a great MMO games that involves player interaction - PVP and PVE - and amazing storytelling. This game is not based on montly fee subscription - you will pay for it once and you can play it as much as you want! The game is on multiple servers or "worlds," but players will not be bound to a world/server. They can visit other servers at any time using guest mode (Guest mode will not be available at launch but will be added later), but will not be able to participate in PvP on behalf of the server they are visiting. Guild Wars 2 is designed to run on a wide range of computer specifications, but has higher requirements than the original Guild Wars.

What to expect from Guild Wars 2?

The answer here is very simple! Guild Wars 2 offers many hours of amazing gameplay and an opportunity to make new friends in this imaginary world! 

  • No subscription needed 
  • Server vs. Server PVP gameplays - huge battles
  • Unfolding storytelling and personal quests


Guild Wars 2 EU from €33.99
 Guild Wars 2 Deluxe Edition EU from €54.99
 Guild Wars 2 EU 2000 Gems Code from €22.99
  Guild Wars 2 US 2000 Gems Code from €23.99
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