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Teach Online: How to Market and Sell Online Courses Code

Teach Online: How to Market and Sell Online Courses Code
Online Courses
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Learn Internet Marketing Strategies to Attract More Students and Sell More Online Courses

Hours of Content: 4.5


Do you have an online course but you’re having trouble getting students to enroll in it?
Do you know you need to market your online course but you’re not sure how?
Are you wondering where to publish your online course? Should you publish it on an existing marketplace or should you create your own online academy? Should you publish your course on multiple platforms?
Were you successful getting students when you first launched your course, but now you’re struggling to sell the course and make money?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, this course is for you.

My name is Debbie LaChusa and I’ve been marketing products and services online since 2005. I’ve marketed and sold everything online from coaching and consulting package that cost thousands of dollars to information products ranging in price from $19 to $500.

Since 2013 I’ve been marketing and selling online courses, and earning thousands of dollar per month from them.

My courses continue to sell month after month after month, and I’d like to teach you how you can do the same, whether you just created your first course or you have a collection of courses that just aren’t selling the way you’d like.

What You’ll Learn in This Course

In this course I’m going to teach you everything you need to know, and do, to successfully market your online courses so you can attract more students and earn passive income month after month after month.

This Course is Not About Teaching You Theory.

It’s about sharing exactly what works to sell online courses on the web today, based on 10 years of experience selling products and services online and more than a year-and-a-half selling online courses.

In this course, I pull back the curtain and give you a peek inside my online course business and show you exactly what I do to market and sell my courses, including how and why I price my courses the way I do, how I launch my courses, and how I market them on an ongoing basis so they continue to earn me passive income every single month.

I even share the EXACT results of my marketing and promotions.

In this course, you will learn…

Where to Market and Sell Your Online Courses… I’ll teach you the pros and cons of marketplaces
How to Create a Course Image That Helps Your Course Stand Out and Sell
How to Create a Landing Page That Sells… I cover 6 different Landing Page Elements (NOT just the copy) so you can create a powerful and effective landing page for your course
How to Name Your Course so it shows up in search results, attracts more students and sells better
How to Create a Promotional Video that gets prospective students excited about your course and makes them want to enroll
How to Price Your Course so it sells and earns you good money
How to Launch Your Course so it attracts students, gets positive reviews, and starts making you money quickly
How to Market Your Course so it continues to attract students and generate passive income month after month after month
Plus you get worksheets, checklists, resource lists, real-world examples, and demos so you can apply everything you learn to marketing your own online course.

If you have an online course that’s not selling, this course will teach you everything you need to know and do to get your online course the attention it deserves, so you start attracting and enrolling more students and earning passive income from your course every single month.

Who is the target audience?

Established coaches, consultants and other service professionals with a desire to turn their expertise into a passive income stream
Service professionals who want to stop trading hours for dollars
Authors, experts, or anyone who wishes to share their knowledge online and make money doing it
Anyone with expertise or knowledge to share and who wants to earn passive income working from home




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