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Kaufen Explottens Steam CD Key

Kaufen Explottens Steam CD Key

Region Free
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Veröffentlichung: 06/06/2017

Explottens is a heart pumping, hair raising, pawtastic shoot ‘em up that follows K.I.T the pilot and his band of misfits as they zip, boost, and shoot through the sky, battling the ferocious felines known as K.L.A.W! Dominate the skies and battle your way through an army of evil cats just waiting to turn you into their purrrsonal scratching post. Unlock weapons, aircrafts, and spectacular sidekicks as you explode your way through this catacular adventure because with Explottens; the sky’s the limit! Feature
    10 epic boss battles featuring Dragons, Fire, Robots, Gangster Dogs, Spider Kitties and ….. Sugar Puff (yes she’s a boss, don’t be fooled by the cute name).

    Lots of different missions to play to progress the story from saving civilians to destroying bases to simply taking out tons of enemies. There will be tons of explosions no matter what though.

    Take a trusty companion along as they help out with providing cover and some comic relief!

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    Tons of upgrades and customisations to take the mayhem to the next level.
    Laser Blaster ✔
    Plasma Cannon ✔
    Rocket Launcher ✔
    Flame Thrower ✔
    Rear Grenade Launcher ✔
    Extra Large Pitcher of Milk with Chocolate Chip Cookies ✔✔✔ (this isn’t actually in the game)
About was founded in August 2010 and the goal was to create a creative studio unlike any other in Pakistan (but hopefully like many great ones in other parts of the world). is also an indie game developer and our games have been downloaded over 5M times across various platforms. A small team is at the heart of games and is focused on creating original, awesome, fun games. Our games have been featured multiple times by Apple and Google on their stores in various categories such as "Best New Games" and "New & Noteworthy". Special ThanksBig shout out to Estudio Cafofo for helping us out with all sounds! You guys rock :D