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Buy Crimson Metal Steam CD Key

Buy Crimson Metal Steam CD Key

Region Free
Can be activated in - Vereinigte Staaten
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Release date: 04/05/2017

CRIMSON METALIs an experimental game made with FPS Creator that's trying to bring back the atmosphere of hardcore, dynamic, brutal, and challenging game experiences from late 90's. Story
Four elite counter-terrorism squads storm secret cyborg and biological-warfare weapon production facilities. But none of the personnel, chief commander or the place for cyborg production are identified. All four squads find themselves in a death trap without any chance of getting out or contacting the outside world.
As Adam Crimson, sole survivor of the Omega squad, you will go through chain of psychological and physical trials, which together are above ordinary person’ power.
Scores of traps, hundreds of cyborgs, thousands of fierce mutants will stand on your way to freedom. Key Features
· Old School Level Design
· Require Pure Skill/Fast reaction time
· Breath-taking, brutal, and challenging gameplay
· Atmosphere Soundtracks
· FREE DLC Episodes
· No QTE, No Health Regeneration, No Bullsh*t.
· No Options Menu
· No Invert Y AXIS Mouse Option
· Awesome Trading Cards