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Buy Crowd Smashers Steam CD Key

Buy Crowd Smashers Steam CD Key

Region Free
Can be activated in - Vereinigte Staaten
A gamepad is required to play Crowd Smashers.
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Release date: 04/05/2017

* A gamepad is required to play Crowd Smashers *
Crowd Smashers is a local confrontation game in 1vs1. Annihilate your opponent's supporters while you protect yours is the key to victory. Combine three magic elements to create tricky and powerful spells. The longer is your exchange, the stronger and powerful will be your magic ball. Use your super attacks to Buff, Debuff and destroy your opponent's public.
There is different playable characters, with their own characteristics and various super attacks. Each character has six super attacks with varied properties to bring a tactical dimension in the matches.
For example, Glitch can teleport to the opposing side or Oni who can invoke different types of walls in the arena to protect her public.
Currently in the game:
- Versus
- Survival with online ranking
Local Multiplayer:
- Versus
- Tournament 2 to 12 players
Playable characters:
- Hector
- Oni
- Glitch
- Shield Arena
- Pillar of discord
- Nucleus Stronghold