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Kaufen Train Harder Steam CD Key

Kaufen Train Harder Steam CD Key

Region Free
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Made to fully exploit the HTC Vive Roomscale, Train Harder is a fun and challenging game where the player agility, endurance and accuracy will be put to the test.
Have you ever tried a Running game before ? Now with Train Harder, get inside the world and physically avoid obstacles yourself running around and going as fast as you can.
Dodge, Duck and Shoot will become your belief.
Immersed in a cartoon western world, you embody a cowboy of the west. Your mission ? Get up on this god damn train and show who is the best around here.
You will be the one who stay the longest and you will not let any bandits stopping you.
Enjoy different game mode and try our training before jumping into the competition.
Exercice yourself with a 5 min time mode without getting stop when hitting a pol.
Kill massive incoming bandits and try to survive in the Secret mode.
When you feel ready, try a ranked game and surpass yourself. Warning:
Train Harder is a very demanding game, stretch and warm up before playing the game.
New to the game and VR ? Let yourself go through a nice Tutorial that will explain you end to end how to proceed.
Challenges are challenges but in Train Harder it's fair, try to finish them all and contact us.
The first one to do so, will get a special reward !
Explore the world and look for hints and find how to unlock the so call secret mode. Content :
  • 4 Game modes :
    - Ranked mode
    - Training mode
    - Time Mode
    - Secret Mode ( Unlock it )
  • Tutorial
  • Friends and world leaderboards
  • World exploration to unlock a special content
  • Fair challenges to achieve