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Kaufen Glyphs Apprentice Steam CD Key

Kaufen Glyphs Apprentice Steam CD Key

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Veröffentlichung: 16/03/2017

Glyphs Apprentice is a deeply engrossing problem solving game, using simple programming to animate game objects. This is one of the most ambitious puzzle games you will ever play with over 70 levels, each with a near infinite number of solutions. It inspires new ways of thinking by combining programming with spatial visualization. You will need to use your intelligence, creativity and imagination. Your solutions will range from elegant creations to laughable Rube Goldberg monstrosities. Watch with fascination as your creations come to life in this spell-binding game.

Glyphs Apprentice was inspired by Zach Barth’s Codex of Alchemical Engineering and SpaceChem, and fans of these games will enjoy the next evolution in this genre.