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Acquistalo Edengrad Steam CD Key

Acquistalo Edengrad Steam CD Key

Region Free
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Data di rilascio: 04/04/2017

FEATURESHardcore Survival Build a shelter, hunt some animals, take care of your basic needs and find fellow travelers. Construct houses, or even entire villages, interact with other players from around the world… sounds all too familiar?
Well then - beware, scavenger. This is no ordinary survival game. You won't find all that many safety zones and safe places to hide. Your enemies can catch and kill you almost everywhere and once they do… you lose a large part of your equipment and experience points.
Factions & Settlements
You probably know the saying ‘the more, the merrier’, right? That’s what Edengrad is all about. Find other players willing to collaborate, form a party or faction and establish a settlement. You will be able to fight stronger opponents, draw otherwise unavailable benefits, gather and trade your belongings. Invite citizens to your town and watch you settlement develop!
All in all, the world of Edengrad is no world to be left alone… if you want to live.
Fighting Isn't All
Tired of running around and fighting? Well then, why don’t you take a break and cook, plant or cut some wood? Fancy some exploring? You can spend your time digging through ancient cities! Or, maybe you have a knack for engineering? Well then, why don’t you devote your time to building cities? It is entirely up to you to choose your own gameplay strategy.
Edengrad offers you many developable skills to choose from, such as: Fighting, Woodcutting, Farming, Mining, Carpentry, Cooking, Chemistry, Gunsmithing, Tailoring, Engineering, Blacksmithing, Building, First Aid, Survival and Animal Husbandry.
“You Reap What You Sow”
Edengrad is based entirely on the players’ contribution. If you can’t buy a certain kind of weapon or food, it probably means, that no one has yet created it. So… why don’t you? ABOUT EDENGRADEdengrad is a hardcore survival MMORPG game rooted in post-apo genre and drawing on the best features of such classics as Fallout, Mad Max and Wasteland.
The game takes place in a world contaminated after many years of global wars. Only a small fraction of society managed to survive the turmoil, but due to heavy pollution, still faced extinction.
The chosen ones left the Earth and traveled to Lobos, a planet in the Alpha Centauri, and lost contact with the Earth. Some of those left behind were lucky enough to find refuge in underground vaults. The screams of those, who didn’t, were heard long after the vaults were slammed shut...
After many years, the government regenerated the environment on Earth's surface using special types of machines known as “Hydra”-class nature generators. The plan succeeded, but… it had side-effects. STORYIn the game, you control a character, who is a great-grandchild of the first residents of one of the vaults. You become a part of the W.A.R.P. organization, which manages the underground bunkers. W.A.R.P’s mission is to maintain contact between the lower, living part of the vaults and those, who went out to re-settle the deserted Earth and provide the vaults with necessary supplies.

As a mercenary, you will be performing all kinds of tasks for the organization, from the easy ones like patrolling and replacing relays, to secret missions ordered by the most influential people in the organization. This will not be easy though - other mercenaries are not your comrades, but competition...

What dangers will you find lurking on the face of Earth? Will you manage to survive? And what has become of those who left for Lobos...?