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Kaufen Trigger Saint Steam CD Key

Kaufen Trigger Saint Steam CD Key

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Take on the role of Trigger Saint, mystic, hero, savior, legend, and wielder of the mighty Kuna Musket. You have come of age and it is time to fulfill your destiny. Avenge your people and reclaim the floating city of Pithia in this Si-Fi/Fantasy like, Isometric like, Adventure/Shooter like RPG.
  • Unique hand drawn artwork.
  • Six slot inventory system.
  • Weapon Evolution! Saint's musket will change it's appearance based on how many hero coins you have.
  • Easy to learn, play how you want! Keep your items and build on your attacks OR transmute them and use the skill coins to upgrade passive and active skills and abilities.
  • A variety of one time use items, kuna mods and other items to find.
  • An amazing game soundtrack by Stellardrone.
  • Steam Achievements!
  • Steam Leader Boards!
  • Save System

    Listen close child for this story tells of your destiny,

    Many years ago, the magical floating city of Pithia drifted high above the clouds.
    A peaceful city filled with thousands of magical beings,we were known as the "Pithians".
    We built wondrous floating machines and were the greatest of inventors.

    The city and our people were protected by a group of wise mystics.
    They trained in the art of inner spirit and wielded ancient weapons known as Kuna Muskets.
    The mystics lived on the edge of the city on platforms we called the "Sky Ways".
    Thought to be built from magic these platforms kept balance and if were ever lost the city would fall into eternal darkness.

    They caught us off guard... floating demons inhabiting bodies of metal stormed the city under the light of the two crescent moons.
    We fought long and hard but their numbers were many, we could not hold them.
    They made their way into the city killing any in sight, thousands of Pithians slain within hours.
    I watched helplessly as my own mystic brothers were cast down in blood.

    Luckily I was able to make it to the docks... me, your pregnant mother and and a couple hundred badly wounded Pithians escaped via airship.
    We would fly east to the floating mountains of Kiatu where we would remain in hiding for many years.

    We now live in seclusion here on Kiatu, waiting for the day when the prophecy would be fulfilled.
    It is foretold that one day a young mystic would travel back to Pithia and reclaim it for his people, avenging his ancestors and ridding the city of evil.
    He would light the ancient beacon and signal the great exodus back to our home.

    Contact: [email protected]