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Kaufen Tiki Galore Steam CD Key

Kaufen Tiki Galore Steam CD Key

Region Free
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TIKI GALORE is an online multiplayer arena where Players are Tiki Warriors armed with deadly spears and an even deadlier thirst for domination.
The fast-moving competitive action takes place on a tropical island with multiple immersive levels that include Ancient Temples and an active Volcano, surrounded by Tiki-eating shark-infested waters.
Trapped in a pocket dimension outside of time and space, Tiki warriors fight ceaselessly to please their cruel gods!
Players will be able to play with friends or strangers in Free For All and fully customize their Tiki Warriors.
Team Play, Additional Levels, Additional Customization are coming after initial release, as is support for Mac and Linux.
Key Features:
- Third Person Multiplayer
- Up to 16 Players Per Game
- Spear your Friends!
- Customize Your Tiki!
- Collect Shrunken Heads to gain Tiki Special Abilities
- Fight with Fire Spears, Explosive Spears, and Homing Spears
- Trick your opponents into Spike Traps, Tangle Traps, and Spring Traps
- Gain enhanced personal powers including Invisibility, Spear Rebounder, and Rage Damage.
- Earn Tiki Achievements!
- Watch Your Friends Get Eaten By Sharks or Fall into Lava and Die!
Collect your shrunken heads, and launch your Tiki attack!
TIKI GALORE was Steam Greenlight-approved in less than a week in May 2015. Since then a team of four – two 3D artists, a concept artist, and a narrative designer – have worn many hats and worked ceaselessly to create our finished game. We thank the Steam Community for giving us this opportunity!
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