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Gem Wars: Attack of the Jiblets Steam CD Key

Veröffentlichung: 24/06/2015

Gem Wars: Attack of the Jiblets Steam CD Key

Plattform:  Steam
Release:    24. Juni 2015

Über das Produkt

Gem Wars: Attack of the Jiblets is a combat party platformer for up to 4 players. It's a local/online party game centered around the concept of "constant one-upmanship." Power-ups include gems that can be picked up to empower your character with a certain element. Each element has a strength and a weakness (i.e, fire is strong against earth, but water is strong against fire). Also available are Lethal Arms, which can change your default weapon shot from a normal pea-shot to a Gatling, Barrage, Launcher, Ball or Thrower. When these two power-ups are combined they can make a deadly new weapon (i.e, Fire Gem + Stream-Shot Arm = Flamethrower or Water Gem + Stream-Shot Arm = Super Soaker).

Mix and match your equipment with an expansive arsenal of unique Tactical Arms (which include a teleporter, cement block-maker, homing beacon, bear trap dropper, swingable rope, shot-reflecting shield, magnetball that rips off enemy equipment and a claw that forces your opponents to wear whatever gem you want) and the extra-transportational Power Boots (jet boots for flying, rocket boots for speed and spike boots for stomping out enemies).

Modes include Survival (for 1-4 players) available in both Co-Op and Competitive variations, plus 5 multiplayer battle modes including Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Super Gem, Last Standing and Mixed -- all available in Free-For-All or Team variations.

Also included is an in-game currency system to purchase items to personalize your Jiblet using the game's Create-A-Character.


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Hard Drive: 40 MB available space