Ausgezeichnetes Angebot! Ein Spiel kaufen, 200% Cashback erhalten

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How would it feel if you bought PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, ASSASSIN'S CREED: ORIGINS or GRAND THEFT AUTO V  and got the game, plus twice the amount of cash you just paid? Well, why don't you find out?

Every day we draw 10 of the previous day's customers. Not only do they get their game, but also 200% of the money they paid. Yes, at Kinguin you can actually earn money for buying games.

How to get the best deal on a PC game ever?


  • 1. Place and pay for an order today.
  • 2. Tomorrow we'll draw 10 winners from today's buyers.
  • 3. Each winner gets 200% of the money he or she paid.


  • We draw winners every day, starting 12.1.2018, and publish the names of the winners here, at our blog. 
  • The campaign is valid from January 12th from 11:00 am CET to January 16th 11:00 am CET, storewide. 
  • The winners will be contacted via email 


Buy more, get more back

You will receive your cashback in EUR Balance in your account!

It doesn't matter if you're buying a hot new release or a classic, or a DLC, or a CS:GO skin. The offer applies to every single game and item bought at

We thought it would be a bit crazy, but… why not? 

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      Order number:                  Name:

  1. S*******994                  José Miguel P.
  2. S*******2DC3               Konstantinos S.
  3. S*******C7D                Philip D.
  4. S*******0AF                 Kamil B.
  5. S*******1FF                 Morten S.
  6. S*******C24                 Jules S.
  7. S*******518                  Daniel B.
  8. S*******D26                 Sascha S.
  9. S*******6C9                 bogdan c.
  10. S*******2DD                The FatRat


  1. S*******D6E                  Sylvain B.
  2. S*******3A8                   Raffaele C.
  3. S*******13F                   Marcel D.
  4. S*******183                   Adrien H.
  5. S*******DFA                  Carlos E.
  6. S*******0AC                  Jules G.
  7. S*******095                   Manny Z.
  8. S*******806                   Matěj K.
  9. S*******7BB                  Sara G.
  10. S*******0A3                   Joe B.


  1. S*******245               Pierre M.
  2. S*******13C              Bruno S.
  3. S*******107               Jasper K.
  4. S*******59E              Nils H.
  5. S*******D17              Mauro P.
  6. S*******F5C              Luc H.
  7. S*******B3A              Dejan A.
  8. S*******218              Andej B.
  9. S*******B3A             miewal k.
  10. S*******8EE             Daniel G.