Kinguin Becomes a Global Sponsor to Mass Luminosity and Gaming Tribe

Kinguin is proud to announce its partnership with Mass Luminosity and Gaming Tribe, the world’s first curated social media network primarily focused on PC gamers and technology enthusiasts. Mass Luminosity and Gaming Tribe has done a tremendous job in connecting its partners with the community and has shown some tremendous growth within such a short amount of time. Kinguin is excited to work with such a loyal and active community and organization. We look forward to establishing a strong partnership and collaborating on some exciting projects in the future. Kinguin has also established a new page in the Gaming Tribe community in which fans can follow at and show its support for the gaming community.

Mass Luminosity is a powerful igniter of explosive global engagement experiences for video gamers and technology enthusiasts. On March 10, 2014, Mass Luminosity launched the world’s first curated social media network exclusively dedicated to PC gamers and technology enthusiasts, named Gaming Tribe. This next generation social experience is located at

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