ESL One Frankfurt - 2 competitions - 35 winners!

ESL One Frankfurt - 2 competitions - 35 winners!
It’s time to announce The WINNER’S of ESL One Frankfurt 2016 competitions!
Below You can find the list of the winners in Photo and Favorite skin contest.

  • The WINNERS of Photo Contest:

1. Sarah Balthasar
2. Rene Marx
3. Patrick König
4. Dmitry Timokirov
5. Ela Hugolein
6. Kalle Kaleja
7. Markus Hinke
8. Frank Fergus Goold
9. belle ♡
10. Frederik Stahmer
11. Julia Sharikova
12. Tom Carter
13. dankmirspaeter
14. mandybfcastro
15. aonircosplay

Congratulations! To receive your prize, please contact with us via email: [email protected] within 7 days. Add in subject: ESL One Frankfurt PHOTO CONTEST / Thanks to all who participated!

Your DotA2 favorite skin was: Phantom Assassin and Manifold Paradox Bundle!

  • The WINNERS who participated in DotA 2 Favorite skins voting are:

1. Markus Laine
2. Sebastian Fischer
3. Maikel van laar
4. John Bechen
5. Charles Camposano
6. Mihhail Obdulov
7. Sascha Fasse
8. Shane May
9. Iliyan Nenchev
10. Daniel Dan
11. John Duque
12. Paul Noonan
13. Oliver Kirchner
14. Sven Horenkamp
15. Ma Kl
16. Jordy Wijgaerts
17. Manuel Horn
18. Nicolas Ignatescu
19. Ana Mallaco
20. Diego Rodriguez

Congratulations! Thanks to all who participated! You will get your prize not later than Monday.

The ESL One Frankfurt 2016 was a terrific event for us and for German eSports in general. The cooperation with the ESL is brilliant and we are looking forward to several more events this year. At the ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2016, we again will have the pleasure to join ESL. We have prepared some cool activities for all visitors of the Gamescom in August, as well as people who will be following the event online.

Stay tuned!