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Buy Amoeba Battle: Microscopic RTS Action US Nintendo Switch CD Key

Buy Amoeba Battle: Microscopic RTS Action US Nintendo Switch CD Key

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Release date: 03/03/2020

Amoeba Battle is a new breed of RTS game where you control amoebas as they battle against the infection that threatens their realm. Explore beautiful yet alien landscapes to feed and strengthen your fledgling amoebas - find algae for herbivores, go hunting with carnivores, or just eat everything with omnivores!

Unlike other RTS games, there are no bases to build - amoebas don't build houses or towns after all! New amoebas are created through the miracle of binary fission; well fed amoebas can replicate into two identical amoebas, doubling your army with a click of the mouse!

But multiplying amoebas won't always be enough. When the competition gets tough, introduce mutations to evolve your weaker amoebas into stronger species. Experiment with different amoeba combinations to field a diverse force that can face any threat!

Experience an innovative real-time strategy game on a never-before-seen scale and battle for primordial soup-remacy in Amoeba Battle!

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