New Total War: Rome II Footage

A developer diary just released by Total War creators Creative Assembly gives us a peek behind the scenes at the sound design that has gone into Rome II.

The sound design is really important in a game like Rome II, it needs to sound realistic and meaty as to get across that feeling in being in an actual war. The deep thundering of cavalry, the rallying cries of the infantry and the piercing sound of metal on metal all add to making the game feel just that little bit better and that makes all the difference.

“I think believability is probably the main reason that we need to have good sound effects,” says Matt McCamley, senior sound designer for Creative Assembly. “You want people to feel like they’re a general commanding an army, as opposed to someone playing a game.”

I have total faith in Creative Assembly to get everything right in Rome II. The Total War games are amongst my favourites of all time and have sunk in excess of 50 hours at least into all of them. The Total War games just give that little something more than the traditional RTS does, with the campaign map and micro managing of your demesnes it really makes you feel like you are conquering the world. Add in the co-op that has been recently added since Empire (if you apply for a beta key on their forums) and there is so much fun to be had stabbing your mates in the back as they have all their armies in lands far away and you just waltz in and slowly take their land.