Star Wars are not Star Wars

Star Wars is universally beloved not for its complex story, as it has no such thing. It's a basic tale of an underdog fighting against forces of evil, but it's set in a colorful and appealing universe. The mixture of simplicity and imagination is what we really fell in love with. Many video games try to create equally inventive worlds - and often do it as well as George Lucas did in 1977.

5. Omikron: The Nomad Soul


Omikron literally takes us - the players - to another reality, full of advanced technology, strange looking fashion and, of course, all those problems you'd expect from a futuristic megacity. We "insert our soul" into the game's protagonist, Kay'l, so we can help him to save his homeworld from an oppresive ruler. What makes Omikron 'starwarsy' is its look. We visit a huge and densely populated city, where cars hover like landspeeders, plazas are bigger than airports, and giantic buildings tower above puny humans. Feels like home for a Star Wars fan, doesn't it?


4. Freespace 2

One of the most important aspects of Star Wars are space battles, and for many players - this one included - there is no game that does them better than Freespace 2. It's hard to find a title that offers more ships, more weapons, more customization options and more interesting battlefields. It's a complex space sim with compelling plot and fast-paced combat, and it looks surprisingly well for a game that's 16 years old.

3. Little Big Adventure


The original Star Wars trilogy slowly introduced us to its colorful and vast universe. For the viewer, everything was new and strange, just as it was for Luke Skywalker. A similar feeling of exploring a new world is what made Little Big Adventure such an engaging and fascinating game. It's a mix of action and adventure that allows us to visit planet Twinsun, where people and humanoid animals live together. The problem is, the world is ruled by a tyrant with an army of clone soldiers... or, shall we say, troopers? Of course, only our protagonist has the power to stop him.

2. Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil, a rare example of a game in which we play not only as a female, but also a journalist, has one of the most colorful virtual worlds ever created. It's full of anthropomorphic characters, beautiful vistas and technology that mixes science with fantasy. To put it simply: it's an immensely pleasant experience to be there, just as it's cool to delve deep into the world of Star Wars. Also, BG&E has its own oppresive force of stormtroopers lookalikes, and even an evil empire, although this one is much more subtle in their ways than the one created by Palpatine.

1. Mass Effect Trilogy

If Star Wars and Star Trek had a child, they'd name it Mass Effect. It's a perfect Star Wars game that's not a Star Wars game. It has everything you'd wish for: a galaxy-wide conflict, a grab bag of weird exotic creatures, faster than light travel, space battles, exploration, interactions with aliens, and even its own substitute for Force powers. Well thought out lore, well-written dialogue and exciting combat make the Mass Effect trilogy an engrossing, unforgettable experience.