Sales increased by 840%! Why do Polish Orange users buy more and more on Kinguin?

In order to make the customer experience top notch, we provide our users safe and easy to use payment methods. One of them is Direct Carrier Billing, dedicated to subscribers of the Orange Polska mobile service. Since its introduction, we’ve noticed a stunning increase in the number and value of transactions on the Polish market. In 4 months, the payment volume has increased by 840%, the payment count grew tenfold and the average value of a single transaction increased 8 times.

E-commerce, especially transactions between trading parties from different countries, presents mobile operators with new challenges. The key issues are: trading security, data encryption, user data storage, and ensuring that everything is nice and user-friendly.

In May 2017, we made Direct Carrier Billing available to those of our customers who use the Orange Polska mobile network. Direct Carrier Billing makes buying easier and ensures full security of the personal data, since users don’t have to register a credit card or a bank account. All they need is a phone number registered in the Orange network.

“Our partnership with Orange has been very beneficial in terms of conversion, which led to increase in Orange transactions. We look forward to potential partnerships with other operators generating similar growth for Kinguin as well as the mobile operators.”

Faheem Bakshi, Head of Payments, Kinguin

“I hope that other Polish telcos will soon catch up on understanding how beneficial DCB could be if the telco provided adequately high payouts and flexible API. I look forward to seeing Kinguin offering DCB to all customers in Poland, giving a positive cue for other merchants to start offering DCB.”

Łukasz Perzyński, Head of E-Payments, Orange Polska

After choosing products on, customers can select to pay with Direct Carrier Billing. From here the user will enter their phone number, which will send over a text message with a code allowing the finalization of the transaction. The sum of the transaction is then either taken from the prepaid account or added to the user’s monthly mobile network bill.

Kinguin is further working to launch additional Direct Carrier Billings with mobile operators from other countries and regions.

We invite you to learn more about the successful cooperation between Orange Polska and Kinguin in the case study available here.