GOAT FOR IT!  2015 Is The Year of the Goat!

According to the Chinese Calendar The Year of The Goat has just begun! We know that you know that sometimes everybody has this strong urge to be a black sheep... or a goat.

Let’s see how to reveal your inner animal. But first... a close look on some zodiac facts.
The goat is the eighth animal in the Chinese Calendar and it’s probably the most interesting one.

They follow their instincts with a mind twisted like a pretzel. Doing things without any logic or motive. Goats can climb like crazy - they can get up a tree faster than any cat and, in opposition to it, they know how to come down. Some of those ungulates can make unimaginable sounds, which can be either funny or scary or both... And they can attack you for totally no reason.
So it seems to us kind of weird that as a symbol in the Chinese horoscope, the goat stands for peace, harmonious co-existence, tranquility and also arts… (arts of war perhaps). Anyway, the  person born in the Year of the Goat is one of the most popular of people. Famous for their charm and elegance. It seems that “goats” unlike their animal counterparts, have no dark side: they tend to be polite, loving, kind-hearted, gentle and calm…. They are also the perfect BFF material  - can always be counted on when you need a shoulder to cry on. Well… as you see, it’s not only wise but also cool to keep your goat close.

Release the Goat!

The Internet is full of those weird acting and hilarious animals. No wonder that video games where goats are playing first fiddle become so popular! Gamers love them. And there is lot to love for...
So do you ever feel like being a goat?
Here are some examples where you have a chance...

Goat Simulator

This is a true phenomenon in the world of games. Nobody has done that before, although many have thought about it. You no longer have to fantasize, your dreams have came true!  For the first time in the history of video games you can be a... GOAT! Millions of herders are probably taping on their heads saying “what the heck?” but honestly this simulation is something that everybody should try!  You can jump and climb, you can attack random people with no reason, knocking them down, you can smash some objects or die being hit by a bus or... you can eat as much green grass as you want... But the major draw of it is that you can lick things...

Escape Goat 1 & 2

Join the purple goat adventures! This platform puzzle game is everything that average goat is not. It’s smart, logical and can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! But like in every goat’s life in this game also there is a lot of obstacles, surprises and... escaping. All you need to do is find your way out of the room you're in.

Goats on a bridge!

Let the Norwegian fairy tale begin….there was three little goats, two bridges and one corgi…. Goats on a Bridge adapts the classic Three Billy Goats Gruff. In this game you will control not one but two goats at the same time….It’s like an inception in Goat Simulator. Twice as much fun!

Chinese New Year is the perfect occasion to try those goats games! You can find them all here for great prices!  2015 starts now! Goat for it!

Don’t forget to wish people a happy new year by saying “Xin Nian Kuai Le” in Mandarin or “San Nin Faai Lok” in Cantonese. You can try goatish too: baa!