Check out the best action-RPGs out there!

Today  we celebrate the arrival of a very special game made by very special people. Magicka 2, as the number might suggest, is a sequel to the 2011 action RPG called, guess what, Magicka!

We decided to look at action-RPGs of the past and select the best games in the genre. Of course that means Diablo 3 but… not only! So sit back and take a look at those action-packed titles – you will surely find something for yourself!

5. Magicka


We start out with the original Magicka. A fun, little, indie game that stirred the pot when it came out. In theory it’s like most of the action-RPG games – you control your character, you use spells, you kill monsters. Wash, rinse, repeat. But there are some factors that made Magicka an outstanding title, which gamers grew very fond of. It is incredibly funny, intelligent, and also it’s great gameplay-wise. The creators opted for a unique spellcasting system in which you had to press a sequence of buttons just to prepare the spell. Thanks to the friendly fire system Magicka is one of the funniest coop games you can find – your worst enemies are always your friends.

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4. Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

The first part of Sacred was released for PC only, and it quickly acquired a big and active fan base. In 2009 the creators launched the second part, this time aiming at PCs and consoles alike. It’s not a revolutionary game by any means, but the solid gameplay, cool hero development, huge world and tons of items to find made it as cult as the first part. You can play as one of six classes and take part in one of two campaigns – one for the good guys and one for the bad. Sacred 2’s strongest aspect is its scale – this game is huge in every aspect. It has an abundance of skills to mix, immense territory to explore and a crazy amount of armour to wear and weapons to fight with. And you can ride a horse!

Here you will find some gameplay from Sacred 2:

3. Path of Exile

This little gem of a game appeared out of nowhere and took all the gamers’ hearts by storm. One look at it’s skills page and you will understand why… or you will run away screaming. PoE is a classic, old-school, hardcore Diablo 2 clone. At first glance it actually LOOKS LIKE Diablo! Only later you do realize that this is not only a tribute, but also an awesome advancement on the genre. You will spend hours trying to find the perfect build with a selection of the best skills. You will delve deep into dungeons, looking for better and better loot. You will fight endless waves of monsters only to face powerful bosses, and then… you will go back to killing monsters. If you are a fan of gameplay oriented games then you will love Path of Exile.

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2. Torchlight 2

There is a huge group of people who, without a blink of an eye, will tell you that Torchlight 2 is the best action-RPG game ever made. And they actually have some arguments to boot that bold statement. This game is another example of pure gameplay focus – the storyline is rudimentary and frankly not that interesting. What is interesting is how you control your character, how you develop its skills and how you use those skills on the battlefield. And this is where the game truly shines. Don’t be fooled by child-like presentations – this game is more brutal than its colourful visuals. It’s a deep, engaging action-RPG experience focused on fighting and getting stronger by any means. If you are looking for some storyline sparkled with jokes – well it’s not really a game for you. If, however, you love cool gameplay mechanics and beautiful, colourful graphics, then you will more than enjoy Torchlight 2.

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1. Diablo 3

Oh well… no surprise there, however some people may be upset by Diablo 3 taking the top spot in our rankings. Yes, it has its share of problems, yes they promised us multiplayer arenas and they are still not there, yes, they took the Real Money Auction House from us, but in the end Diablo 3 is still one of the best action-RPGs ever made. It’s huge in every respect. It’s production value, as usual with Blizzard games, is beyond stellar. After more than 2 years of upgrades it’s a sleek, well-thought out action game in which an epic storyline only accompanies great gameplay. You will travel through a huge world, kill countless monsters, and gather an infinite amount of loot. You will hunt for unique sets, scavenge for the best weapons possible and scrape the walls in search of gems you can use for upgrading your gear. And then you will encounter awesome bosses and try to fight them, be it alone or with a group of friends. A word of advice – go for the latter. Playing Diablo 3 in the company of friends is one of the coolest gameplay experiences out there!

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