5 Even More Games Under 5 € You Ought to Play

Okay, now two weeks have passed since the first 5 Games Under 5€ You Ought To Play blog post was published. It gathered a lot of attention and I didn't expect to be so successful.

Your suggestions helped us make a second post of the kind last week and here is the third one.

1. The Sims 3 EA Origin Key

Everybody knows what The Sims is all about, but okay, I will explain for those of you who don't. It is something like a real life simulator and you can do anything with your sims (the people you control), even babies! Buy for 4.48€!


2.  Medal Of Honor Steam Key 

Year 2002, you are a Navy SEAL sent to Afghanistan to save hostages, raid enemy bases and basically what a Navy SEAL does. As you gain levels, you unlock different weapons and accessories. Buy now for 2.08€!


3. Garry's Mod Steam Gift 

It is Valve's sandbox game. The game is all about your imagination and creativity. Use the game tools to create various objects and manipulate them the way you want and then create videos of your stories. Buy now for 4.70€!


4. FUEL Steam Key 

It is another racing masterpiece by Codemaster, the creators of Dirt and Grid. The game offers players the freedom to drive everywhere. There are numerous things that will affect your driving experience - weather condition, mud, tornados are just a few.  Buy now for 3.88€!

5. Sleeping Dogs Steam Key

Become an undercover police officer who has to join the Triads - one of the scariest organized crime groups and bring them down inside out. Buy now for 4.99€!

 *All prices might vary due to stock, time and other factors.

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